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Summer internships

Find out how to research, arrange and apply for summer internships

Finding advertised internships

How you apply for internships will depend on the type of organisation you want to work with.

Large organisations

Paid summer internship programmes are usually found in the sectors of business, finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, law, engineering and IT.

They are generally open to penultimate year students and advertised in the winter or spring before the internship starts.

Search our sector guides to find employer directories and sector-specific job sites.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

Internships with smaller organisations tend to be more flexible and less structured. 

SMEs may advertise or be open to speculative applications where you take the initative and get in touch first.

Arranging your own internship

Sectors like international development, media, public services and the environment tend not to offer structured summer internships.

You can approach organisations speculatively or volunteer with them. Internships in these sectors tend to be unpaid.

Researching internships abroad

You can use GoinGlobal to research working abroad and find out where to look for vacancies. 

Getting a convention de stage for an internship abroad

If you choose to do an internship abroad, some countries require you to have an agreement between you, the employer and the university. In France this is called a convention de stage.

Undergraduate research scheme 

Sussex runs a summer research scheme for undergraduates who are interested in PhD study and want to explore a potential career in research. Successful candidates receive a bursary to work alongside academics for eight weeks. Applicants must have completed one year of study and not be in their final year. 

Unpaid internships 

All the internships we advertise on CareerHub are paid the national living wage as a minimum. However, unpaid internships are still common in some sectors, such as media, international development, politics and the environment.

Read TARGETJob’s information to help you determine whether an unpaid internship is legal and if you would find one beneficial. You can contact us if you have any questions about an internship -

International students 

Most international students will be able to work full-time during vacations, however there are some restrictions that may apply to you. Check your eligibilty and the term dates before you start work so you don't exceed the hours stipulated by your visa.

Summer internships

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