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Sussex Graduate Programme

Work on campus with a professional services department. Develop your employability skills through genuine and meaningful work experience.

Opportunities are advertised at various points during the year (usually with a June to January start date), so check back often.

Programme details

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What is the Sussex Graduate Programme?

A number of professional services departments at the University of Sussex will recruit new Sussex graduates on a 12 or 13-month graduate programme. Job roles can vary depending on the department but will all seek to give you the necessary skills and confidence to apply for other graduate roles.

Who can apply?

The Sussex Graduate Programme is open to Sussex graduates from an undergraduate or postgraduate (taught) degree course. Each job advert will state which graduation year(s) is eligible for applications.

What support do I receive during the programme?

Your dedicated Careers and Employability Consultant will help you identify and reflect on the skills you have gained. You will have the opportunity to meet them for one-to-one support throughout the programme.

See 'Support for graduate staff' below for further details.

When and where are the graduate opportunities advertised?

Vacancies can be advertised at any time during the year but will predominantly appear between March and July. All vacancies will be advertised on CareerHub and the Sussex jobs page.

How much do the opportunities pay?

The Sussex Graduate Programme is offered at point 1 on the Grade 3 salary scale. This equates to £19,133 per annum.

How do I apply for a graduate opportunity?

Applications are made via the standard University application form. Full details on how to apply, including who to send your completed form to, will appear on each advert. See the current list of vacancies on CareerHub.

What skills and experience do I need?

The requirements for each position will vary but they are aimed at recent graduates so you can reference the skills and experience you have gained from your time at Sussex. This can include but is not limited to:

  • your academic studies
  • part-time work
  • placements
  • participation in societies
  • study abroad opportunities
  • internships
  • volunteering

If you're not sure what to include, our Careers and Employability Consultants are available for appointments or you can submit a question online.

Why is the programme for 12/13 months?

This programme is designed to give you both genuine and meaningful work experience that will help you to develop your employability skills and demonstrate your capability for future graduate roles.

The aim is that you will work alongside your replacement intern for at least a week, helping to induct them and take part in some training. This will provide you with good experience for future roles.

What happens when I'm nearing the end of the programme?

You will hopefully be in a good place to apply for future roles! Your dedicated Careers and Employability Consultant will support you as you come to the end of the programme and as you start to apply for other graduate roles. They will help you to reflect on the employability skills you have developed and consider how you will articulate them to future employers.

You will make a presentation to your department about your experience, detailing what you have learned and how it has changed you. You are welcome to invite other interns and colleagues to the presentation and it is hoped that your replacement intern will also be able to attend. The Consultant will help you to prepare for your presentation.

Support for graduate staff

As part of the Sussex Graduate Programme, you will receive a programme of support from the Careers and Employability Centre to help you identify and reflect on the skills you have gained. The programme will make your transition from Sussex to further graduate-level work much easier and help you to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

Click each box below for further details about the support activities available.

One-to-one meetings with a Careers and Employability Consultant

Throughout the programme, you will be invited to attend three appointments with a Careers and Employability Consultant. These will be an hour in length and take place at the beginning, middle and end of the opportunity.

Appointment one

Part of your induction, this will include:

  • skills audit

Appointment two

This will take place mid-way through the programme and include:

  • CV review
  • general progress report

Appointment three

Taking place towards the end of the programme, this will include:

  • guidance for completing your presentation
  • advice for your post-internship job hunt
Learning logs

On a monthly basis, during the programme, you will be asked to submit a reflective learning log through CareerHub. This will only be visible to you and the Careers and Employability Centre and remain confidential.

The learning logs will be used for private self-reflection and document the skills you have gained.

End of programme presentation

At the end of the programme, you will be required to deliver a presentation to your department, a Careers and Employability Consultant and any colleagues you would like to invite. The presentation will include:

  • reflections on your experience
  • learning points
  • benefits of the programme
  • any recommendations for change (to be discussed with your Line Manager in advance)
Peer support from other Sussex graduate staff

You will be encouraged to make informal contact with other staff on campus who have a graduate role, to hopefully meet up and share your experiences.

Support beyond the internship

The Careers and Employability Centre provides support for up to three years after graduation. If you would like any advice and guidance for your job search, you can book an appointment with a Careers and Employability Consultant or submit your question online.

Other campus opportunities

Look out for one or two-year graduate placements at the Students' Union. These could be in IT, events, digital communications, policy & research or venue management.

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