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How to prepare for Careers Fair

We want you to have a great experience and make the most out of your visit to Careers Fair, so we suggest making a plan of who you want to visit and what you want to achieve by visiting them.

We have the Careers Fair Plus app which is your introduction to over 100 exhibitors at the Fair, the opportunities they offer and who they are looking to employ.

What ever year of study you are in, come to Careers Fair to explore the options available to you including graduate jobs, year-long placements, summer/vacation work opportunities, volunteering and further study/training.

Considering the following might also help:

  • Download the Careers Fair app

  • Research what vacancies and opportunities are available at the organisations you are interested in visiting. You could ask them what it's like to work in that role or team.

  • Find out what you can about the organisation's application processes as this could also be a good talking point

  • Plan your route! Use the floor plans in the app to highlight the organisations of interest to you

Prepare for Careers Fair workshops

We run a series of workshops to help students learn how best to engage with exhibitors, and make their experience more worthwhile and enjoyable. Book your place on CareerHub or use the links below.

Prepare for Careers Fair
Thursday 31 October, 2pm to 3pm in the Careers and Employability Centre

Prepare for Careers Fair
Tuesday 5 November, 11am to 12pm in the Careers and Employability Centre