Careers and Entrepreneurship

Virtual Careers Fair 2021

Wednesday 3 November 2021
10am to 4pm
Online via Talentspace

Browse and speak to over 60 employers and organisations from a wide range of sectors, including American Express, Creative Process Digital and the Business and IP Centre (BIPC) Brighton and Hove.

Find graduate jobs, placements, work experience, vacation work, further study and volunteering. Open to students from all years and courses, and to recent graduates.

This year's event is sponsored by:

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Prepare for the Virtual Careers Fair

  • Register for the Virtual Careers Fair now
  • Research the organisations you are interested in and the types of opportunity they are offering.
  • Plan who you want to speak to and what you want to achieve by speaking to them.
  • Check their exhibitor profiles to see whether they will be offering group drop-in sessions, live booths, or one-to-one chats.
  • Think of some questions you may want to ask, such as what's it like to work in that role or team?
  • Find out about the organisation's application processes in advance as this could also be a good talking point.

Hear from some of our Careers Connectors on their top tips for preparing for the Virtual Careers Fair:

Prepare for the Virtual Careers Fair Tips from Rhodri Owen on Vimeo.


Using the Virtual Careers Fair platform

The Virtual Careers Fair is provided via Talentspace, an easy-to-use platform specifically for recruitment events. You can use it to book one-to-one chats, join drop-in sessions and speak to employers in live ‘booths’. 

Some tips for getting started and making the most of the Fair:

  • Register for the Virtual Careers Fair and set-up your personal account on Talentspace.
  • The main feature for the Virtual Careers Fair is the Live Booth. Exhibitors can turn their live booth function on throughout the day, enabling you to queue and speak to them without booking, much like an in-person fair.
  • To book a one-to-one chat, send a request to your chosen exhibitor. Once the exhibitor confirms your booking it will appear in your schedule of activities for the day. 
  • Please note a one-to-one chat is not a formal interview, it is simply an open conversation and a chance to get your questions answered. 
  • Exhibitors may also use group sessions to deliver short presentations and share resources with participants. You can join and leave these at any time while they are running. Find times for drop-in sessions on the Event Schedule.
  • Look out for speeches throughout the day, too. These are presentations that some exhibitors will be hosting. You can interact via the chat and Q&A section.

Find out more about the ways you can interact with employers during the Virtual Careers Fair

Talentspace works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari users will have to download one of these to join the Fair.

When you create an account, you will be providing personal information to the third-party platform. Details of how Talentspace collects and uses your personal information can be found in their Privacy Policy. As the organiser of the event, the University of Sussex will have access to personal information from the platform. Please get in touch with the Careers Events Team if you have any questions about the use of your personal data. 

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