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What do Sussex Neuroscience grads do?

Find out about what Sussex Neuroscience graduates go on to do. Here is a rundown of what 2017 graduates were doing 6 months after leaving Sussex:

Six months after graduating in 2017

  • Main activity: 92% of respondents from Life Sciences were in work or further study. 73% of those in work were in graduate level jobs
  • Sectors: Of those in employment, 25% were in professional, scientific & technical services, 16% were in wholesale and retail, 12% were in human health & social work, 9% were in education.

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Here are some examples of where they are working or studying and what job roles or courses they are doing:


Samples from our survey:

Job Roles

Samples from our survey:

  • Graduate Management Trainee
  • Medical Representative
  • Trainee Pharmacy Adviser
  • Trainee Healthcare Partner
  • Trainee Accountant
  • Graduate scheme
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Public Health Consultant
Further Study

Samples from our survey:

  • PhD Neuroscience - University of Sussex
  • MSc Medical Neuroscience - University of Sussex
  • MSc Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology - University of Sussex
  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience - University of Sussex
  • MSc Data Science - University of Sussex
  • BMBS Medicine - University of Exeter
  • MPhil Genomic Medicine - University of Cambridge
  • MRes Experimental Neuroscience - Imperial College London
  • MSc Drug Discovery - UCL
  • MSc Brain and Cognitive Science - University of Amsterdam
  • MSc International Public Healh - Liverpool John Moores University
  • MSc Neurocience - University of Edinburgh

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  • Neuroscience Careers - information from British Neuroscience Association
  • I Want to Work in Neuroscience - useful guide from University of Kent's Careers and Employability Service
  • Physician Associate - two-year postgrad diploma covers many of the elements found on 4/5 year medical degrees, but focuses on general rather than speciality care. BSMS will run this course from 2016/17
  • What Our Graduates Do - find out what Sussex Life Sciences graduates have done (ITS login required)
  • University of Sussex Students & Alumni on Linkedin - search Sussex alumni by location, employer, sector, degree subject and skills. Really useful for getting ideas and making contacts (Linkedin login required)
  • Further Study - postgraduate study in neuroscience or another subject. The majority of Neuroscience graduates opting to pursue postgraduate study do so in a related field. Sussex graduates have also studied MA Educational Psychology, MSc Biochemistry, MSc Neuro & Molecular Pharmacology, MSc in Technology and Innovation Management. Some have also gone on to study graduate entry medicine
  • Your Interests and Motivations - thinking about what interests and motivates you can be a good way to start your career exploration
  • Work & Study Abroad
  • Getting advice - book appointments on CareerHub (login required)
  • Search for jobs - use our jobs database
  • Applying for jobs - use your degree, personal skills and work experience to create winning applications