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Your interests and motivations

Thinking about your interests and motivations is a key stage in your career exploration. It can help you to formulate ideas about different job roles that could suit you and the sectors or organisations that you might like to work in.

For example, it can be helpful to think about:

  • your personality - what are you like as an individual? what types of roles or workplaces would suit you?
  • your abilities and skills - what are you good at? what skills have you developed throughout your life so far?
  • your interests - what do you enjoy doing? what kind of careers appeal to you?
  • your values - what do you care about? what is important to you?

You can use online questionnaires and personality tests to help you explore these aspects of yourself. Once you have an idea of your interests and motivations, you can use this learning to start building your own career profile.

Online questionnaires and personality tests

Profiling for Success - includes a personality questionnaire (Type Dynamics Indicator). A full career report is emailed to you on completion.

Choose your language first. Then Client Code + Access Code + Password.

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Access Code: sussex, Password: sussex050808

16Personalities - Free personality questionnaire, with an in-depth report covering strengths & weaknesses, career paths and workplace habits (among others)

Typology Central - Jung Personality Test - This free personality test combines two powerful systems for evaluating personality type – Jungian Cognitive Functions and Personality Dichotomies. You will receive a report with your personality type and  a link for more information

Prospects Career Planner and Job Match resources  - match your skills and personality to more than 400 job profiles and get recommendations on jobs that might suit you based on your workplace skills and interests

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Other resources

  • Graduate Success - career stories from graduates about how they moved to the world of work. Covers career choice, planning and taking action