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Skills are important. Acquiring them, developing them, recognising what you have got already and learning how to translate them into an application and interview, whether for further study or employment, are all vital. But what is a skill?

A skill may be defined as the capacity to do something well. Crucially, a skill is generally acquired or learned, as opposed to abilities which can often be seen as innate.

Skills can be gained in every aspect of your life and can be academic, work-related or personal. Some may be easily transferable between different spheres, while others may need to be translated or developed in different contexts. So it's not just a matter of ticking them off as you acquire them. They will be refined and developed continually.

Skills groups

Skills may be named and grouped in different ways. However, here are some that you will often see employers asking for:

  • Communication
  • Teamworking
  • IT skills and/or numeracy
  • Commercial awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Self management

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