Making the Future - Sussex's 50th anniversary fundraising campaign

Paving the Way

Paving the Way was launched in 2011 to celebrate the University’s 50th anniversary and support The Sussex Fund.  This is a unique and highly visible opportunity for alumni, staff, students and families to make their long lasting mark on campus whilst boosting support for scholarships and hardship bursaries. 

The pathway begins at the doors of Arts A and runs towards Library Square, featuring 100’s of bricks inscribed with moving, humorous and cryptic messages.  Placed at the heart of our campus, this campaign has swiftly become embraced by the Sussex community and by all those who wish to commemorate their time here or remember the people that mattered most to them. 

Your personalised paver can celebrate your achievements at University, carry an inspirational message to future students, or make a dedication to the person who most inspired you here or elsewhere.

By joining Paving the Way you are supporting students who find themselves facing unexpected and potentially threatening financial difficulties.  You are making a difference.

For a donation of £125 your gift will be recognised on a regular (2 line) paver, or for £225 on a larger (4 line) paver.

 Donate here and inscribe your paver