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The Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption

Because we can lead the fight against corruption

Tackling a global problem

Image of some students sitting under trees - well, what would you use to illustrate this strand of research?Corruption is an issue that is having a hugely damaging impact on both the public and commercial sectors around the world.

Governments and international agencies view corruption as the most significant obstacle to aid and development, and in some states it is threatening to destabilise entire countries. International Agencies such as the World Bank, the Organisation for International Cooperation and Development and the International Monetary Fund have all declared the fight against corruption to be an international priority in terms of human development and progress.

In the commercial world, organisations are facing the challenge of operating in environments where corruption is endemic. Often, the choice is between losing out to the competition or facing punitive regulations – with catastrophic consequences either way.

Pioneering thinking

The Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption, the first centre of its kind, will be dedicated to creating innovative anti-corruption programmes and strategies that will be a magnet for academics and researchers. It will build on work already being done in the fields of policing, regulation, institutional corruption, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and global ethics.

With the appointment of senior academics, post-doctoral positions and PhD scholars, we have a unique opportunity not just to understand the scale of the problem of corruption, but also to develop strategies and solutions that could make a real difference around the world.

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