The Travels of Ibn Jubayr

Name of text: The Travels of Ibn Jubayr
Author of text: Ibn Jubayr
Date of text: August-September, 1183
Date of person in text: 1145-1217
Name of structure in text: Kaaba at Mecca
Type of structure in text: Holy building
Date of structure in text
Century of structure 1:
Century of structure 2:
Country in text: Saudi Arabia
Region in text:
City in text: Mecca
Specific place of mosaic in text: walls
Description of mosaic in text:

In the wall facing the entrant, which is that running from the Yemen corner to the Syrian, are five marble panels set lengthways as if they were doors.  The come down to a distance of five spans from the ground, and each one of them is about a man’s stature in height.  Three of them are red, and two green, and all have white tessellations so that I have never seen a more beautiful sight.  They are as if speckled.  A red one adjoins the Yemen corner, and next to it at a distance of five spans is a green […lots about slabs] The sides of these marble slabs are braced by cornices, two fingers wide, of marble tessellated with spotted greens and reds, and speckled whites, that are like wands worked on a lathe, such as to stagger the imagination.

Mosaic date in text:
Tesserae silver mentioned in text? No
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? No
Colour descriptions in text: white
Bibliography: The Travels of Ibn Jubayr, ed. and trans. by Roland Broadhurst (London: Goodword Books, 1952, repr. 2011), pp. 89-90

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