Name of text: Sketch
Author of text: Giacomo Grimaldi
Date of text: 17th century
Date of person in text: lived early 17th century
Name of structure in text: Lupercal Chapel, Monastery of S. Euphemia in Panisperna
Type of structure in text: Sanctuary
Date of structure in text
Century of structure 1:
Century of structure 2:
Country in text: Italy
Region in text: Lazio
City in text: Rome
Specific place of mosaic in text: Almost the entire sanctuary
Description of mosaic in text: Pilasters - vine scrolls springing from vase
Triumphal arch - vine scroll
Inner faces of arch jambs - figures of luperci
Soffit of arch - disc with mosaic figure of Mars
Back wall - wolf with Romulus and Remus
Mosaic date in text:
Tesserae silver mentioned in text?
Tesserae gold mentioned in text?
Colour descriptions in text:

Sear, Frank B., Roman Wall and Vault Mosaics (Heidelberg: F. H. Kerle Verlag, 1977), 185-6 (who reproduces the sketch)
See also:
Lanciani, R., BullCom/Bullettino della Commissione archeologica comunale di Roma 19(1891), 305 pls 12/13,1
Lugli, G., I monumenti antichi di Roma e Suburbio, vol 3 (Rome: 1938), 355, fig. 71


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