De Petro III, Liber pontificalis ecclesiae Ravennatis, ch. 94

Name of text: De Petro III, Liber pontificalis ecclesiae Ravennatis, ch. 94
Author of text:

Agnellus of Ravenna

Date of text: 831-846
Date of person in text: b. 794-804, d. after 846
Name of structure in text: Palace of Theodoric, Pavia
Type of structure in text: Palace
Date of structure in text 5th - 6th century
Century of structure 1:
Century of structure 2:
Country in text: Italy
Region in text: Lombardy
City in text: Pavia aka Ticinum
Specific place of mosaic in text: Apse of the dining hall
Description of mosaic in text:

Afterwards Tuscany was plundered by the Lombards; they overran Ticinum, which city is also called Pavia, where Theodoric built a palace, and I have seen an image of him sitting on a horse well executed in mosaic in the vault of the apse.

There was a similar image of him in the palace that he built in this city, in the apse of the dining hall that is called By the Sea, above the gate and at the front of the main door that is called Ad Calchi, where the main gate of the palace was, in the place which is called Sicrestum, where the church of the Saviour is seen to be.  In the pinnacle of this place was an image of Theodoric, wonderfully executed in mosaic, holding a lance in his right hand, a shield in his left, wearing a breastplate.  Facing the shield stood Rome executed in mosaic with spear and helmet; and there holding a spear was Ravenna figured in mosaic, with right foot on the sea, left on land, hastening towards the king.   

Mosaic date in text: 6 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text? No
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? No
Colour descriptions in text:
Bibliography: For translation see Agnellus of Ravenna, The Book of Pontiffs of the Church of Ravenna, trans. by Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis (Washington DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2004), pp. 205-6
Comments: See entry for palace in Ravenna

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