Liber Pontificalis,in vita Sergii II and in vita Leonis IV

Name of text: Liber Pontificalis,in vita Sergii II and in vita Leonis IV
Author of text:
Date of text:
Date of person in text: Sergius II 844-47, Leo IV 847-55
Name of structure in text: S. Martino ai Monti
Type of structure in text: Church
Date of structure in text 6th, 8th
Century of structure 1: 6 AD
Century of structure 2: 8 AD
Country in text: Italy
Region in text: Lazio
City in text: Rome
Specific place of mosaic in text: Apse
Description of mosaic in text: With great love he [Sergius II] depicted its apse in gold colours on the overlaid mosaic.
This distinguished and bountiful prelate [ Leo IV] adorned and painted in beautiful colours SS Silvester and Martin’s church, which his predecessor Sergius had built from its lowest walls
Mosaic date in text: 9 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text? No
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? Yes
Colour descriptions in text:

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Constructed by St. Symmachus c. 500 and restored by Hadrian I (772-95), adorned under Sergius II (844-47) and Leo IV (847-55), tribune with mosaics on gold ground. Church revamped in 1650.

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