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Campus works impacting roads, access and transport

Update regarding parking on campus

Due to concerns around the coronavirus in public areas, parking permit charges and enforcement have been suspended on campus for the remainder of the car parking year, until 31 August 2020.

If you are required to attend campus you can use your current permit as normal, or contact the Transport Office to apply for a temporary permit.

See more information via our news article and on our parking FAQs page.

Roads, access and other works

Bus diversions have now ended

Roadworks on the Southern Ring Road outside Sussex House are now complete. This means that buses are now coming onto campus as normal, and the University Way and Sussex House bus stops are once again open.

Bike removals across campus

From next Monday 3 August, all untagged bicycles locked to external bike racks on campus will be removed. If your bike is still on campus, please ensure you tag it as soon as possible.

See full information.

Car parks

  • P1 Science car park: open
  • P2 Falmer Sports Complex: open
  • P3 Biology Road car park: open
  • P4 Sussex House car park: open
  • P5 Sport Centre car park: closed
  • P7 Jubilee car park: open
  • P7a Arts car park: open
  • P8 Park Village car park: open
  • P9 Lewes Court car park: closed
  • P11 Knights Gate car park: open

More information on parking and transport is available on the Transport website.

Posted on behalf of: Transport Office
Last updated: Friday, 31 July 2020