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Sussex postgraduate student awarded publication in prestigious Springer Theses

Doctoral Tutor Samuel Jones

Doctoral Tutor Samuel Jones will have his PhD dissertation published as part of the prestigious Springer Theses, a series that recognises outstanding postgraduate research.

After achieving an MPhys with Theoretical Physics at Sussex, Sam began his PhD working in ATLAS, one of the two general purpose experiments scrutinising the high-energy proton-proton collisions produced by the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful particle accelerator ever built.  

Working under the supervision of Prof Iacopo Vivarelli, Sam focused on the search for postulated new particles, whose existence may shed light on the stability of the Higgs boson mass and on the existence of dark matter. He developed an innovative decay vertex reconstruction technique, which allowed ATLAS to explore new physics models never tested before.

“Sam’s work has added powerful tools to our toolbox, opening brand new opportunities to discover phenomena beyond those predicted by the Standard Model of Particle Physics”, commented Prof Vivarelli.

“The Springer Theses award is a well-deserved recognition for a world-class piece of Sussex research".

By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

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