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University set to save over 800 trees a year

Sussex staff use 12.5 million sheets of A4 paper each year

As part of the University’s commitment to a more sustainable way of working, starting this month all paper used in staff multifunction devices (printers/photocopiers/scanners) in schools and divisions will be made of recycled material.

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell said: “I know there’s a real desire out there among staff to act more sustainably both at work and outside of it. Many of you are already making great strides through the likes of the Green Impact scheme – which sees teams come together to make their workspace more sustainable and improve their welfare in the process.

“You should know that we’re working hard centrally to improve our policies and systems. We use a significant amount of paper each year – nearly 63 metric tonnes last year alone. Please help us reduce our carbon footprint by considering whether you really need to print that page.”

In order to make sure that the new paper will work properly with the University’s devices, ITS and our equipment manufacturers tested it thoroughly for print quality and the frequency of jams. The new paper performed well in these tests and switching to recycled materials will also result in a small cost saving to the University of £400 per year.

What difference will I see?

You should see no change when you order paper. Our paper supplier, Office Depot, has made an adjustment to the online procurement system which means that any time A4 or A3 paper is ordered a recycled paper product will be dispatched.

Help Sussex go greener

If you and your team are interested in helping make the University more sustainable, then why not join the Green Impact scheme?

By joining Green Impact, teams get access to an online toolkit which provides a step-by-step guide to making environmental improvements within their department.

This year we’re focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Good Health and Wellbeing; Reduced Inequalities; and Climate Action. Make Green Impact your New Year’s resolution today.

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 21 February 2020