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Reflections on the Landscape Innovation Conference

© Shelly Dewhurst

The University of Sussex recently hosted a conference which aimed to generate positive discussions and ideas about land use, community involvement, climate change and biodiversity loss.

The conference, presented by Sussex Wildlife Trust in conjunction with the University, took place on 23 January and covered various themes from climate collapse and resilience, to farming, food and nature recovery networks. 

Speakers included 17-year-old conservation advocate Bella Lack, Director of Rewilding Britain Alastair Driver, Farm Conservation advisor Jenny Phelps and independent ecologist Dr Tony Whitbread, among others. 

Dr Chris Sandom, Senior Lecturer in Biology, also spoke and was involved in the organisation of the event.

Reflecting on the conference, Dr Chris Sandom has written a blog post Vision, Action, Partnership: Reflections on the Landscape Innovation Conference.

Read it here to find out more about the event, key take-home messages, and what you can do to create a more sustainable landscape.

By: Jessica Gowers
Last updated: Friday, 14 February 2020