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Roman Sanctuaries in France

Wednesday 26 February 19:00 until 21:00
Fulton Building Lecture Theatre A
Speaker: James Bromwich
Part of the series: University of Sussex Archaeological Society Lectures

Amongst the many Roman sanctuaries in France examined by archaeologists are some very impressive remains ranging across all four Roman provinces. They include perfect Roman temples like Nîmes, great Gallo-Roman temples like ‘Janus’ at Autun, magnificent sanctuary bath buildings at Chassenon or dramatic sanctuary theatres such as that at St-Cybardeaux. These (and others) will be illustrated and discussed. Issues raised by their study will be considered, including the question of continuity with the Iron Age, the Romano-Celtic temple and its interpretation, and the importance of healing sanctuaries in Gaul, from spring sites to centres like Grand with its (possible) imperial visitors. There is even the ambiguous and conflicting evidence about when and why sanctuaries were abandoned. Lastly, how have archaeologists added to our knowledge concerning what took place in the sanctuaries in this part of the Roman Empire? James Bromwich  is the author of several specialist guide books to Roman archaeology in France.

US students: free; US staff and USAS members: £3; Non-members: £4.  

By: David Russell Rudling
Last updated: Tuesday, 11 February 2020