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Winter Graduation 2020: Georgina's story

Georgina Whiteman, Globalisation, Business and Development MA 

I came to IDS for my MA, and felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and the amazing work that had been done by my colleagues - I didn't think that I would fit in. Within minutes of arriving on campus, I was made to feel welcome. I found some of my best friends within the first few hours of the day and spent the rest of my year excited to come to study each morning - to see my friends, to learn from experts and debate contemporary topics in development.

During my time at IDS, I spoke at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum in New York, and conducted fieldwork out in Bosnia and Herzegovina with various NGOs and youth organisations. Whilst I feel like I grew my academic skills in the classroom, I grew as a person out in the field and the lessons I learnt in Bosnia will be with me forever I'm aiming to be working back there within the next few years. Sussex & IDS gave me the opportunity to explore my own interests and didn't confine me to a set curriculum, which has enabled me to do some really cool work since!

By: Stephanie Allen
Last updated: Monday, 20 January 2020