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Acoustic Ecologies - Installations

Thursday 30 January 12:00 until 16:00
Jane Attenborough Studio and ACCA auditorium

Image credit: Ocean Networks Canada

“On a more activist/ political level one could perhaps say that soundscape composition can and should create a strong oppositional place of conscious listening. Rather than lulling us into false comfort, it can make use of the schizophonic medium to awaken our curiosity and to create a desire for deeper knowledge and information about our own as well as other places and cultures. It is a forum for us as composers to 'speak back' to problematic 'voices' in the soundscape, to deepen our relationship to positive forces in our surroundings or to comment on many other aspects of a society.” -- Hildegard Westerkamp 2002

A series of audio and audio-visual installations including new works by University of Sussex Music students alongside key multichannel works by Hildegard Westerkamp and leading environmentally engaged artists from around the world.

Exhibition includes:

Hildegard Westerkamp - Talking Rain (1997) and Für Dich - For You (2005)

Jez Riley French (UK) - island | fjórar (resonant silica) (2020) (world premiere)

Yolande Harris (US) - Melt Me Into The Ocean

Anja Kanngieser (AU) - Mining the Deep

Hanna Tuulikki (FI) - Away with the Birds

Voces del Bosqe (EC) - Yasuni Residencia (documentary)


This exhibition is comprised of two parts - a sound installation in the auditorium, and an audiovisual exhibition in the Jane Attenborough Studio. Opening times: Acoustic Ecologies Exhibition Timings


This event is part of the Festival of Music and Ideas: Hildegard Westerkamp and Acoustic Ecologies

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