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Winter Graduation 2020: Aayushi's story

Aayushi Maira, Media Practice for Development and Social Change MA

Meeting people from across the world, where we started as strangers and left as family...Sussex has truly been one of my most challenging yet happiest experiences.

I got the opportunity to explore and understand what being from the Global South meant, and found people who went through a similar journey. My best friends are now from around the word - India, Brazil, Japan, Syria, Thailand, Ethiopia and the UK – all of whom Sussex helped me find! I got to travel around Europe, experience new cultures and try amazing food. 

After working for a few years, coming back to academia was a challenge, but what helped were the opportunities to experiment and learn, and, of course, the fun parties we attended (and threw at Brighthelm 38)! As a Master's student and a Chevening Scholar, the opportunities to learn and grow were numerous. I am grateful to the University of Sussex! 

By: Stephanie Allen
Last updated: Thursday, 16 January 2020