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Winter Graduation 2020: Jason's story

Jason Dougenis, Geopolitics MA

I came to Sussex for my Masters, immediately after my bachelor's in Durham. I can definitely say that it was in Sussex where I felt like I found myself both academically - in terms of the environment the University fosters and the postgraduate students it attracts.  

Although initially the transition was difficult due to the lack of college structure, I was so grateful to able to form my own 'university family' with other students from my course (shoutout to Aarti and Sara).  

In my one year at the University, I also joined the re-established Model United Nations Society, where we managed to organise and host at the University an international Model United Nations Conference in just a single academic year.  

The global outlook of the International Relations Department and the University as a whole really encouraged me to take my interest in international politics beyond the necessities of my course and that extracurricular effort, in turn, made me more effective in my studies. 

It has only been a few months since leaving the University but I already miss its beautiful green campus and everyone moving around it, going to lectures and seminars like happy bees. 

By: Stephanie Allen
Last updated: Thursday, 16 January 2020