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45 Minutes of Music

Wednesday 29 January 12:00 until 12:45
Meeting House, Chapel
Speaker: D'Arcy Trinkwon
Part of the series: Winter to Summer 2020: A Handel on the organ

Each concert will also include a major work by another composer: this month it will be the very dramatic first symphony of the outstanding Norwegian composer (and good friend of mine) Kjell Mørk Karlsen - which may well ignite the organ by the end and has some very atmospheric moments en route elsewhere... I gave the UK premier of this at King’s College Cambridge in 2011, and will be playing again in Gloucester Cathedral on February 5 in the presence of Kjell Mørk who is flying over for it.

Pachelbel: Prelude, Fantasia, Fugue & Chaconne
Handel: Organ concerto Op.4 No.4 in F
Kjell Mørk Karlsen: Orgelsymfoni nr. 1, Op.99






By: Janine Thorogood
Last updated: Thursday, 9 January 2020