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A year of success for IT Services

Over the last year, IT Services (ITS) has achieved some great successes in improving services and experience for students and staff across the University.

Under the leadership of Director of IT Services, Jason Oliver the team have delivered:

  • A 90% ‘Happy’, or ‘Very Happy’ satisfaction rate
  • Upgraded three thousand staff PCs to Windows 10
  • Stopped over 17 million potentially malicious emails being delivered to Sussex University students and staff
  • The launch and roll out of Panopto

Jason Oliver, Director of IT Services, commented: “We’ve achieved a lot over this year, and everyone in the department should take pride in delivering improvements that enhance the IT experience for staff and students.

The work we’ve undertaken during 2019, is helping us to create a solid foundation to accelerate our transformation. And next year, we begin the roll out of the new IT Strategy that will provide students and staff with an IT experience that they rightly expect to receive.”

To celebrate the ITS department has created a fun and festive video that highlights some of the many achievements they’ve delivered this year. To view the video please click on the image below.

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 20 December 2019