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Join Tidy Friday and reduce waste on furniture and office supplies with Warp It

Warp It is a free-to-use, third-party re-use tool that allows offices and departments across campus to share unwanted resources that someone else at the University might need, such as furniture and office supplies.

Warp It has been used at Sussex since 2013 and has over 300 members just at the University, across multiple schools and professional services.

Warp It is an effective tool for saving money and reducing our CO­2 emissions via waste, helping departments across the University cooperate and share resources instead of always having to buy new.

To help build support for Warp It, we are introducing Tidy Friday – a monthly clean-up of workplaces across campus. We ask that staff spend just half an hour every month cleaning up their office or work area of clutter, recycling waste where possible, and collecting any unneeded stationery, furniture and other resources to be listed on Warp It to be reused.

This can also work vice-versa: if you need any furniture or office equipment for your area, check Warp It before planning to buy new. It saves money, and reduces our impact on the environment via waste.

We are planning the first Tidy Friday for Friday 13 December - we hope to see as many people on campus take part as possible. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday having just passed, this is a perfect time to clear your workplace of any old equipment you don’t need.

You can use Warp It at any time throughout the year to save waste and re-use resources.

Posted on behalf of: Sussex Estates and Facilities
Last updated: Friday, 6 December 2019