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UKTPO hosts ‘Life after Brexit’ event in Brighton

The UK Trade Policy Observatory hosted an evening of public talks at the Grand Central pub in Brighton as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

The event was comprised of short on-stage interviews with UKTPO experts and specially invited guests, open Q&A sessions with members of the public, and screenings of the UKTPO’s Brexit explainer videos.  

Commuters at Brighton station were invited to drop in on their way home from work to ask questions and get impartial answers about the impact of Brexit on their lives.

Topics of discussion included the effects of Brexit on trade, the economic potential of free ports, and the consequences of leaving the EU for environmental regulations and food safety.

Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, spoke about the impact of Brexit on the higher education sector, and Professor Steven McGuire, Dean of the Business School, discussed how research and development might adapt to the challenges posed by Brexit.

The evening concluded with Professor Michael Gasiorek and Professor L. Alan Winters, Director of the UKTPO, exploring the likely outcomes of a potential US-UK trade deal.

The Q&A sessions initiated a lively discussion with the audience, who were keen to find out more about how the different Brexit options might affect their businesses and travel plans.

Speaking after the event, Professor Winters said: "It was a great pleasure to share our expertise and hear from the local community in Brighton. There is still enormous uncertainty surrounding Brexit, but I trust we have given people a little more clarity about this historic change for the UK."

By: George Meredith
Last updated: Monday, 18 November 2019