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We’re going to help wrap up Brighton and Hove

You’ll have noticed that there’s a chill in the air and that winter is coming, and so it’s likely you’ve been digging out warm coats, gloves and scarves to stave off the cold.

Yet, there are people in Brighton & Hove who right now are finding it hard to stay warm and dry – such as the homeless, refugees and other vulnerable men, women and children.

You can do something really simple that will make a big difference to people in need in Brighton and Hove. All you have to do is donate any unwanted warm coats, scarves, hats or gloves at the drop-off box in the Jubilee Building foyer, between 11 and 13 November.

These will be collected by a new initiative that’s supported by the University – Wrap Up Brighton & Hove. It’s a project that started nine years ago in London by registered charity HandsOn London and has now come to Brighton & Hove in partnership with American Express and Rotary Brighton & Hove. The concept behind Wrap Up is a simple idea, but one that can have a massive impact for people in need in our community.

Wrap Up groups across the UK collect donations of warm coats, scarves and hats. These are then given to local charities that provide support for vulnerable people, such as homeless shelters, women’s refuges, and charities supporting children, the elderly and people in crisis.

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell said: “This is an organisation that cares passionately about kindness and so I am pleased to support this initiative and make it as easy as possible for people to take part.

“A donation not only helps to keep someone warm in the winter – it can change their life by enabling local charities to make a connection and provide valuable help, support and comfort to someone who really needs it.

“It is quite incredible to think that an old coat you do not wear any more could not only keep someone warm this winter, it could help get someone out of the cold for good, combat loneliness or make someone feel safe and cared for.”

Your donations will be collected by volunteers from the Rotary Club, and sorted by volunteers from American Express before being distributed to local charities who work with Brighton and Hove’s most vulnerable people.

As well as American Express and the Rotary Brighton & Hove, the University is proud to be supporting the Wrap Up campaign alongside other organisations including the University of Brighton, Fareshare, Community Works, Brighton Chamber, Southern Railway and Thameslink.

It’s hoped the combined efforts of all these organisations will make a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of local people in our community.

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Monday, 11 November 2019