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University’s Corporate Calendar updated for 2019-20

The University’s Corporate Calendar has been updated for 2019-20 – including new information relating to:

  • University term dates & minimum service dates
  • the University’s corporate governance timetable including Committee dates
  • key dates in our Recruitment and Admissions cycle (e.g. open days and application deadlines)
  • main dates in the assessment timetable, such as MABs and PABs, result publications etc

The administration of the calendar sits with the University’s Information Manager, Karen Blackman (with the assistance from nominated contacts in key areas), so please do contact her with any updates or additions.

Statutory returns remain limited at present, particularly given the ongoing transition from HEFCE to the Office for Students (OfS), but there is ongoing work underway to get key dates for statutory returns updates populated, as new guidance from the OfS gets released and information is gathered from relevant teams across the University. If you are responsible for any particular returns within your area, please do get in touch with Karen, so that she can ensure the calendar accurately reflects all relevant related submission and sign-off dates.

The aim of the calendar is to coordinate all important University dates and deadlines in one centralised place, to help staff better understand the business of the University, and to enable staff to easily view details of what is happening at the University on any given day. This should also assist with avoiding pinch points when scheduling and planning future events or meetings.

As a reminder, the calendar can be viewed online and imported into your own calendar for ease. One of the key features of the calendar is that it will update within your calendar to incorporate any changes made to the calendar or any new additions.

You may have already added the calendar to your Outlook last year when the calendar was launched; if you do now find you are having any trouble with it loading, removing it from Outlook and re-adding it should resolve any issues.

All of the information you need about how to view the calendar online and how to add the feeds to your own calendar can be found on our website - and you can contact Karen with any queries.

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 1 November 2019