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Take part in Digital Discovery Week (4-8 November)

All staff are invited to participate in a week of workshops, seminars and online opportunities exploring digital technologies and innovations.

Come to one of the workshops to find out why digital accessibility matters, learn how to build your own website or immerse yourself in immersive technology.

Join discussions about webinar best practice, the impact of 5G technologies and Open Publishing at an informal seminar.

Alternatively, you could get moving with a walk on the wild side (of outdoor learning), or take tours exploring Sussex’s solar panels and Quantum Computing labs.

All events are open to staff and students, and provide an opportunity for the Sussex community to consider the impact of digital technology on learning, teaching and research.  

Digital Discovery Week is co-hosted by the Library, Technology Enhanced Learning, Careers & Employability and IT Services.

Full event details and booking information:

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Tuesday, 29 October 2019