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Sussex scientists push the boundaries of physics in Durham

Antonella De Santo, Professor of Physics, and several Sussex colleagues and students attended the 2019 edition of the "Pushing the Boundaries" workshop, which took place at the Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology (IPPP) in Durham earlier this autumn.

The workshop was co-organised by Prof De Santo and Prof Iacopo Vivarelli, together with IPPP’s Prof Michael Spannowsky, and was funded through Prof De Santo’s IPPP Senior Experimental Fellowship, which she was awarded in 2018/19.

Sessions at the workshop focused on the search for physics beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider and beyond, including the possibility to unveil the origin of dark matter in our universe.

The workshop was attended by key experts from both the experimental and theoretical communities, enabling lively and in-depth discussions on direct beyond-the-Standard-Model searches and on methods to extract potential new physics signals from precision measurements of Standard Model processes. PhD students also had an opportunity to contribute to the discussion by presenting their results in dedicated early-career researchers’ sessions.

Prof De Santo said: “I am very grateful and honoured to have been awarded a prestigious IPPP Senior Experimental Fellowship, which has enabled the organisation of this workshop. This is an excellent time to take stock of what we have learnt from the LHC Run-2 and to plan our strategy for Run-3, the High-Luminosity LHC phase and beyond. The thoughtful discussions that took places during this workshop will inform the development of our research in the next decade and beyond.”  

By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Thursday, 17 October 2019