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Decolonising Education

Members of CIE at UKFIE 2019

The Centre for International Education (CIE) presented a symposium entitled Struggles For Inclusion: spatial analysis of education in Africa at the UKFIET conference on Education and Development at the University of Oxford (17-19 September). The symposium comprised six papers that used a spatial lens to engage with the way that education in postcolonial Africa continues to be framed by colonial discourses of development. Referring to research in Zambia, Benin, Nigeria, Madagascar, Ghana and Senegal, the papers explored the intersections of the local and the global at a time when decolonising education has become a key priority for equity and inclusion. Presenters included Professor Máiréad DunneDr Barbara Crossouard and doctoral researchers Agness Mumba, Eva Bulgrin, Jennifer Agbaire and Daniella Rabino. The symposium discussant was Professor Leon Tikly from University of Bristol.

Within the conference, CIE was strongly represented with presentations from Professor Mario NovelliDr Jo WestbrookDr Linda MorriceDr Marcos DelpratoProfessor Keith Lewin and Esi Fenyiwa Amonoo-Kuofi on topics related to Education in conflict, Refugees, Secondary schooling, Teachers, pedagogies and curriculum. Professor Kwame Akyeampong was Chair of the Conference Committee.

The conference provided a venue and an opportunity for current CIE member to be reunited with former CIE faculty and students working in multiple international contexts.

By: Heather Stanley
Last updated: Sunday, 22 September 2019