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Are you involved in a community organisations that is looking for volunteers?

Eve who volunteered for Action on Hearing Loss

The school of education and social work and Sussex student union jointly run an elective on community engagement and volunteering and we are looking for local community organisations that want volunteers.  Many Sussex staff give their time to local community organisations as trustees, volunteers or supporters and we might be able to help you in doing so with this programme.

The elective ran for the first time this year and gave students a chance to volunteer with local community organisations and having worked well we are looking to expand the options for the students.  The students gives a minimum of 30 hours with the community organisations during the coming Autumn term alongside classroom teaching about the value and impact of voluntary groups for both individuals and the wider community.  This year we had students supporting horticulture projects, food bank distribution, advocacy for local Deaf people amongst many others.

It has been a pleasure for us to work with such talented and energetic students, their skills and enthusiasm has been a great asset to us’

Brighton Peace and Environment Centre 2019 

After volunteering with Action on Hearing Loss/ taking part in this elective, my views on volunteering has changed. Volunteering is not just about offering help or feeling good. It is also about developing and improving my skills, and knowing more about the needs of different people in our society. Most importantly, it is an inspiration that allows me to realise my role and potential in creating changes in my community’.

Promoting Community Engagement and Volunteering Student 2019

Please contact, Community Volunteering Coordinator, Sussex Students’ Union, for more information or call 01273678641.  Deadline for signing up - Monday 15th July.

By: Robert James
Last updated: Monday, 8 July 2019