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Exploring the educational value of digital health platforms: Insights from MedicineAfrica and Care Opinion

Monday 16 September 9:00 until 17:00
University of Sussex Business School - Jubilee G30

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Existing studies have taken a critical perspective towards the economic and technical function of digital health platforms, often at the expense of the social, and more specifically the educational, value they can create. There needs to be an appreciation that platforms vary in purpose and function and that there is scope for them to produce societal value that is orientated towards the improvement of healthcare delivery and of clinical practice in developed and developing countries.In the light of this, the aims of the workshop are to:

  • Facilitate a debate around the organisation, function and effects of digital health platforms on quality of care, healthcare practice and delivery;
  • Disseminate knowledge about the social value of digital health platforms; and
  • Build a network with relevant representatives from the health platform economy, academics, healthcare professionals and students, with the aim of enhancing the prospects for a future research collaboration.

The workshop will take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers from the fields of medicine, sociology, global and development studies and management studies to debate the above issues using a comparative approach. An interdisciplinary perspective is absolutely necessary given the multifaceted sociotechnical nature digital health platforms have. A comparative methodology will at the same time help us to elicit points of convergence and divergence in the delivery of online health education (between developed and developing countries) and appreciate the contextual significance of the produced effects and values.

The workshop will cover the following topics for discussion:

  1. Organisation and function of digital health platforms and of their purposes;
  2. Exploration and comparison of the different ways in which online health education is delivered; and
  3. Identification and discussion of a range of effects (on clinical practice and quality of care, health benefits, knowledge development, capacity building etc.) online health education delivered via platforms has on the recipient professionals, organisations, countries and societies at large.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr. Roberta Bernardi, Management, University of Bristol
  • Dr. James Munro, Chief Executive, Care Opinion
  • Prof Niki Panteli, Digital Business, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dr. Paula Saukko, Social and Policy Studies, Loughborough University
  • Dr. Niccolò Tempini, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter
  • Dr. Stefania Vicari, Digital Sociology, University of Sheffield
  • Ms. Clare Woods, Chief Operations Officer, MedicineAfrica

The workshop will offer five bursaries to cover the travel expenses of UK-based PhD students with research interests on this topic. To express an interest please send a CV and a small statement to the organisers.

Organised by Dr Dimitra Petrakaki and Dr Petros Chamakiotis

This symposium is supported by funding from the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness


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