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British Academy mid-career fellowship for Film Studies lecturer

Dr Matilda Mroz

Dr Matilda Mroz, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies in the School of Media, Film and Music has been awarded a Mid-Career Fellowship by the British Academy for her project, Holocaust Legacies in Polish Visual Culture: Film and Memory After Jedwabne.

Responding to the news, Matilda said: “I’m extremely pleased to have been awarded the Mid-Career Fellowship and very grateful to the British Academy. I’ve been doing research on visual cultures connected with Polish-Jewish history and memory for a number of years and the funding will allow me to complete a book project on this topic.”

Mid-Career Fellowships are designed both to support talented individual researchers with excellent research proposals, and to promote public understanding of – and engagement with – subjects in the humanities and social sciences.

The scheme allows academics space to focus on a major piece of research by obtaining time away from teaching and administration commitments. In previous years, the work undertaken by British Academy Mid-Career Fellows has led to critically-acclaimed booksbig-budget European documentaries and BBC radio shows.

Matilda’s project examines how Polish visual culture is responding to recent radical changes in Holocaust history and memory. Historical research since 2000 has revealed previously unknown instances of mass murder propagated by Poles against their Jewish neighbours during WWII, which has profoundly disturbed the foundations of Holocaust remembrance in Poland. Particularly in the absence of photographic images of rural killings, the visual memory of incidents such as the 1941 Jedwabne pogrom is being shaped by fiction and documentary films.

Her research will produce the first systematic account of how moving images, housed across a range of screening sites from the cinema to the museum, have formulated new ethical questions around Polish-Jewish relations and become vehicles for mourning Jewish losses. The project advances scholarship on Holocaust and atrocity imagery, and will enhance public understanding of how recent filmic treatments of Polish-Jewish histories have reconfigured aspects of global Holocaust memory.

Matilda explained: “A significant proportion of the Fellowship is devoted to encouraging non-academic audiences to engage with your research, so I hope to organise a number of public screenings and discussions with filmmakers and curators from Poland in the coming year”.

President of the British Academy Sir David Cannadine, said: “The research funded under the Mid-Career Fellowships scheme is always fascinating, engaging and relevant, and this year’s projects are no exception.

“Our new Mid-Career Fellows will help tackle some of the most pressing national and international challenges, while furthering public understanding of, and interest in, the humanities and social sciences.”

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Last updated: Friday, 10 May 2019