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When Does Biography Begin?

Tuesday 11 June 14:00 until 18:00
Fulton Building, Rooms 202 and 203
Speaker: Led by Simone vaon Buren, Bern University of the Arts
Part of the series: CLHLWR Seminars and Events

Mats Staub '21 - Memories of Growing Up', Photo: © Benno Seidel

This workshop will start with an exploration of the innovative dramaturgical approaches in the biographical installations of Swiss artist Mats Staub. Staub asks participants to narrate their lives starting from a particular place: with the year they turned 21, the people they were in love with, their experiences of birth and death. We will then share our own experiences in the field through guided discussion and exercises. This may include choosing your subject, sources, form and perspective, ethical dilemmas, the commodification of life writing and the uses of critical theory.

Proudly featuring Visiting Researcher Simone von Buren from Bern University of the Arts. Sussex University Dr Hope Wolf and Prof Margaretta Jolly will offer a response.

There will be drinks and nibbles.

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