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Meeting House skylight undergoes repair and restoration

As you may have noticed, the Meeting House has undergone some important restoration over the past month, with works undertaken to access and repair the roof for repairs following leaking issues after heavy rainfall.

This involved a full scaffolding set-up, with specialist contractors attending to investigate and resolve the leak, and clear up the unique oculus skylight on the rooftop.

Arranged and managed by the Sussex Estates and Facilities Projects team, these repairs took place during March and involved the full renewal and waterproofing of all skylight seals, and covering the skylight with a special transparent coat for preservation.

Lead Chaplain Chris McDermott commented on the period of repairs: “We are pleased to be able to return to the chapel, which is now in full use after several months. The space had been sorely missed by the groups that tend to use it regularly, in particular the meditation groups.

“We are happy once again to gather under 'the eye', i.e. the skylight which is now repaired and no longer leaking when it rains. And the atmosphere is always enhanced when the sunlight pours through the colour glass and transforms the space into a magical dance of colour.

“We did make the best of things during the period when repairs were underway and colourful buckets were placed on the floor to catch the raindrops. The highlight was the annual Carols by Candlelight service. Notwithstanding the potential aesthetic difficulties posed by buckets on the floor during the service, floating candles had been placed  in receptacles, adding something special to the evening, to the delight of all.”

One of the oldest and most iconic buildings on campus, the Meeting House is a popular spot for all members of the University and the public alike to stop by for a cup of tea and a chat. The upstairs chapel is fully illuminated by the skylight and coloured glass windows, now brighter (and drier!) after these new repairs.

Posted on behalf of: Sussex Estates and Facilities
Last updated: Thursday, 25 April 2019