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Need furniture or other resources for your charity or community group? Sign up to Warp It

Are you involved with a local charity, community group, faith group or club?

Are you looking for office furniture or other resources for your charitable, social purpose activities?

The University of Sussex is signed up to a resource reuse network called Warp It. The system allows staff to give away and claim surplus resources for their work activities, saving procurement spend and reducing carbon emissions created by throwing them away. More information is available on our Warp It homepage.

However, sometimes we cannot find homes inside the University within the timeframe to give resources away, and they become surplus to requirements and potentially wasted - so we pass these on to local charitable groups who need them. The online portal allows charitable and community groups to claim surplus or underused resources from larger organisations, sort of like Freecycle for charities.

These resources include furniture, fixtures and fittings, stationery, files, curtains, even office plants! Anything you could need, really.

To sign your local community or charity group up for free, visit the Warp It charity page. You have to be a charity, social enterprise, community or faith group delivering a social objective to join. So sports clubs, Scouts and Brownies, and any groups serving a social or charitable purpose can join.

We are encouraging all third-sector organisations to join the scheme. It’s free to join, so if you need any office supplies or furniture for a charitable organisation, Warp It is available for everyone at Sussex to use.

For more information, please contact Megan Youngs.

Posted on behalf of: Sussex Estates and Facilities
Last updated: Tuesday, 9 April 2019