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Sussex Study Experience - Students from local college experiencing university life

A number of college students joined to our Sussex Study Experience (SSE) last week and explored different areas of studies for a few days and experienced what it's like to be at Sussex and studying Business. 

Students who came to the Business School went through different areas of studies within the Business School and were given a task to put them into practice. Throughout the 3 days, they had a certain amount of money to be spent on sweets and sell them in order to raise money for a charity. 

A female college student was describing the experience as "Throughout the past a few days, we were looking at at the financial aspect of business and how we can tackle and solve the task. It was nice to see how you can turn theories into practical situations as we had to sell out the sweets for a charity."

Schedule of the students as below:

Day1 - Given a task to spend £60 on sweets and sell them for a charity. What makes the successful business? (E.g. strategic planning/ budgeting/ packaging and etc.)

Day2 - Executing the plan. 

Day 3 - Reviewing.  

On the last day, the students were asking questions regarding university life from both academic and social aspects to the current students. All students who participated were First Generation students. 

Posted on behalf of: Yuki Kikuchi, University of Sussex Business School
Last updated: Monday, 18 March 2019