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Green Impact Awards first for Life Sciences

Robert Fowler and Crispin Holloway accepted a gold award on behalf of the Life Sciences team.

The National Union of Students (NUS) this week recognised the work undertaken by eight teams across the University to improve their environmental performance, though the Green Impact Awards.

In a first for the scheme, joint gold awards were handed out to teams from Life Sciences and the Sport Centre. Life Sciences are the first university laboratory-based team in the UK to receive an NUS Green Impact gold award - a remarkable achievement considering the often resource-intensive work carried out in laboratories.

The Green Impact programme helps university departments to improve their environmental performance and
 improve the wellbeing of staff and students. If you'd like to sign up your team, please get in touch with University Energy Manager, Matthew Arnold.

The University's Vice-Chancellor - and chair of the sustainability committee - Adam Tickell, presented the awards to team representatives.

Adam said: “It’s fantastic to see these 16 teams doing their best to help the University Go Greener and reduce our environmental impact.

“I want to see the numbers involved in this scheme grow rapidly across Sussex so that next year we’ll be passing out awards in a bigger room.

“As an institution we’ll be making some fundamental changes to fulfil our sustainability commitments, and I’d like you to get involved with this too – and hold us to account.

“Taking the first steps with Green Impact can be as simple as remembering to switch things off, improving recycling and finding greener ways to travel. Please spread the word and encourage your colleagues to sign up their teams – this is Sussex, so I know the will is out there.”

NUS Senior Project Officer (Development and Networks), Michelle Hemmingfield, said: “Well done to all the Sussex teams who achieved Green Impact awards this year. Together your small changes have made a big difference. I look forward to working with you all next year to expand the network and build on our success.”

Green Impact award winners 2019

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 1 March 2019