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Share your views on improving bus facilities on the A27 (Falmer to Lewes)

The Campaign for Better Transport are seeking your views on how the physical provision for buses on the A27 (Falmer to Lewes) might be improved, e.g. bus stops, crossings and junctions.

Sustainable Transport Campaigner, Bridget Fox, said: “We’re grateful for all the views we've already received, including at our recent workshop in Lewes, where we heard from local authorities, bus operators, bus users and community groups. 

“We’re keen to capture further opinions on what the key issues are for bus operations on the A27 and what improvements Highways England might be able to deliver. We would really welcome your views.”  

Please contribute by taking part in an online survey or contacting Sustainable Transport Campaigner, Bridget Fox, on 020 3746 2228 or email:

Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport Focus on behalf of Highways England to capture stakeholder views on how the physical provision for buses on the Strategic Road Network might be improved.

This is looking at issues to do with the design and operation of highways - e.g. bus stop location and design, crossing points, signage, junctions, etc. - rather than bus services issues such as timetables and fares.

Highways England has an accessibility strategy to improve multi modal integration on its network of motorways and major trunk roads. This covers pedestrians, cyclists, and also bus services. The current demonstration project has two case study areas, one of which is the A27 corridor from Falmer to Polegate via Lewes.

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 1 February 2019