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IT disruptions between 8am and 2pm on Saturday 2 February

To ensure the security of the Sussex network ahead of the start of term, ITS will be upgrading the campus firewalls on Saturday (2 February). The firewalls sit at the heart of the network and their health is crucial to keeping every other system working normally.

Unfortunately, any significant work on the firewalls will cause disruption to several core services. ITS will keep this to a minimum but unfortunately it’s unavoidable when upgrading such an important part of the network.

During this work there will be a periods of time when you won't be able to use some services. Unfortunately, ITS are unable to say how long each interruption will take. 

Affected services include:

  • Wi-Fi and wired networks on campus and in residences
  • Internet access, including access to Canvas
  • The Sussex website
  • Study Direct
  • Sussex Direct
  • Business Applications

ITS publish news of their upcoming works on their website, on Twitter and via the Latest News email list.

By: Alexander Butler
Last updated: Friday, 1 February 2019