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Practical Assertiveness for Researchers

Wednesday 3 April 13:30 until 16:30
Arts A - A071
Speaker: Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden (Learning and Development Consultant)
Part of the series: Researcher Development Programme

Target audience: Doctoral researchers at all stages from all disciplines. Research staff are also welcome to book a place to attend this workshop.

Workshop description:

You may not be able to control every situation, but you can (with practise) change the way you communicate, and that can have a positive influence on the responses of others. Assertive behaviour is a skill that will help you communicate directly, honestly, and appropriately in your interactions with others. Developing these skills will grow your confidence in handling challenging situations at work and in your professional relationships.

Within the workshop a variety of strategies will be discussed and practised, so that you can find the techniques that work best for you. This workshop is conducted in a safe and confidential environment.

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Identify assertive, passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviours
  • Analyse the impact of their communication behaviours on interactions with others
  • Practise and evaluate assertiveness techniques for different situations
  • Experience the benefits of communicating assertively
  • Feel more confident in handling difficult situations

Workshop feedback:

  • "Excellent workshop and very inspirational"
  • "The room felt very safe and facilitator allowed everyone to contribute, but also led with much guidance."
  • "Overcoming barriers to being assertive, many practical suggestions"
  • "Great! Every student should do this course at the start of their degree"

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By: Alexander Aghajanian
Last updated: Monday, 21 January 2019