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The Place of Television

Wednesday 27 March 16:00 until 18:00
Fulton 114
Speaker: Andy Medhurst and Munira Cheema (Sussex)
Part of the series: MFM Research Seminars

This session features two linked papers considering different but related meanings of its title phrase.  Munira Cheema, drawing on issues raised in her recent book, ‘Women and TV Culture in Pakistan: Gender, Islam and National Identity’, will consider the role and significance of televisual representations in debates about gender identity in Pakistan and how these have impacted on female audiences.   She will argue that these popular cultural spaces can be read in terms of an emerging feminist public sphere where women can engage as members of the public and as cultural citizens.  Additionally, she will look at the importance of studying TV in cultures that can be thought of as transitional democracies.  Andy Medhurst, in a retrospective look at the place of television within the Media degrees at Sussex, which he has been involved with for almost thirty years, will offer some views on the politics of curricula and the stubborn persistence of cultural hierarchies (often class-rooted and gendered ones) within an academic project which ostensibly sought to dismantle them.

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Last updated: Thursday, 31 January 2019