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University asks staff about mental health and wellbeing

Professor Clive Webb

As part of the drive to understand the experiences of staff working at Sussex and how they can best be supported, the University has commissioned a report on the promotion of staff mental health and wellbeing.

Professor Clive Webb, the academic lead on this project, is working in close collaboration with Human Resources to review the current provision at Sussex.

Professor Webb said: “Mental ill health affects a disproportionately high number of staff throughout the higher education sector, but it has generated little discussion in the public sphere. I want this new report to be the start of a conversation about it.

“It’s not only about treating the symptoms – we need to help identify the causes of mental ill health as well as provide support to those affected.

“To provide some recommendations that are right for Sussex, I need to learn from your own experiences. So please feel free to contact me in strict confidence at”

Director of Human Resources, Sheila Gupta, said: “My colleagues and I are very grateful to Clive for acting as the academic lead on this significant project which we believe will contribute to enhancing our support for staff who are affected by mental health. Working closely with Clive we hope to understand the views of our staff in this important area of wellbeing – and we’re really grateful to him for taking the time to carry out this research.”

Clive has asked for staff to email him before November 23rd in the first instance (, where all communication will be handled in confidence. Staff are then welcome to speak to him on the phone if that is preferable. 

By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 9 November 2018