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Together in Electric Dreams

Yamaha DX7. Image: Bernd Sieker

Gardner Arts Centre, 1972. Image: Greg Taylor (MOLS 1973)

Do you recall experimenting with synthesizers and sampled sounds in the Gardner Arts Centre's electronic music studio as a Sussex student in the 1970s-80s? We want your memories!

Alumna and Senior Lecturer in Music Dr Evelyn Ficarra (ENGAM 1982) is keen to hear from former students who used the old studio, which was housed in the Gardner Arts Centre before the building lay dormant in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Now refurbished and re-opened as the popular Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, the same space will be the home of a brand new, soon-to-be-opened recording studio for the music department.

Evelyn said: “I remember many happy obsessive hours in that space, splicing tape and using the old DX7 and EMS synths. I have even found, deep in storage, some cassette tape backups of the music I made there. 

“So this is a call for memories, photos and music! Contact us with your recollections of the space, and if you have any record of the music you made there, we would love to hear it.”

We are hoping to gather enough memories to create a display as part of the opening of the new studio.

Please drop us a line at with your contributions, and do pass the message on to any old Sussex classmates or former musical collaborators!

By: Tom Furnival-Adams
Last updated: Thursday, 8 November 2018