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The Aristocracy of Suffering: Queen Victoria’s Two Depressions

Wednesday 5 September 11:30 until 12:30
Audrey Emerton Building, BSMS at Eastern Road, by Royal Sussex County Hospital
Speaker: Professor Robert Abrams, Weill Cornell College, New York
Part of the series: Asa Briggs Lecture

The Aristocracy of Suffering:  Queen Victoria’s Two Depressions

A re-reading of the life of Queen Victoria from the perspective of an old age psychiatrist reveals that the Queen endured two separate depressive illnesses at different epochs of her life. The first was a famously prolonged mourning for her husband Prince Albert, a bereavement that began when she was widowed at the age of 42, and extended over several decades. The second was a variant of late-life depression that arose during her last five months. From both episodes the Queen suffered grievously, but it was the late-life depression that led indirectly to her death via the effects of anorexia, insomnia and exhaustion. The years between these depressions saw Queen Victoria’s full recovery and coincided with the apogee of British fortunes in the 19th century.

Professor Robert Abrams, Weill Cornell College, New York and Asa Briggs Fellow at the University of Sussex.

Professor Robert Abrams, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York will be collaborating with Dr Khalid Ali (BSMS) on the project Intergrating Medicine, History and Humanities in delivering compassionate care for older people. The project will focus on understanding the therapeutic benefits of using an ‘audio biography’ approach in terminally ill hospice patients. 

Professor Abrams will give his talk at 11.30am as part of the CRN KSS Ageing Research Event on 5th September in the Audrey Emerton Building, BSMS. 

Audrey Emerton Building
Brighton and Sussex Medical School, by Royal Sussex County Hospital,
Eastern Road

This is a free, open lecture – everyone is welcome, but numbers are limited so please reserve your place here.

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