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Sussex chemist celebrated by international society

Professor Geoff Cloke

In recognition of his 65th birthday and his illustrious research career, the Royal Society of Chemistry have published a collection of Professor Geoff Cloke’s work.

The article Geoff Cloke at 65: a pioneer in organometallic chemistry provides an overview of Professor Cloke’s research, his breakthroughs and his time at Sussex and is part of a wider collection that celebrates his contributions to Chemistry.

Professor Richard Layfield, who was part of the group that compiled the collection, said: “In a career spanning four decades, Geoff’s research endeavours have accounted for some of the most innovative synthetic chemistry of the modern era, with his many publications describing truly exceptional organometallic and coordination compounds, and bespoke experimental methods, that portray a unique chemical imagination.

“In addition to his scientific accomplishments, Cloke can be particularly proud of his successful mentoring, a level of dedication that propelled many students and post-docs on to become research leaders in their own right.

“In compiling this collection of some of his research articles, a small cross-section of his friends, colleagues and collaborators, wish to pay tribute to his modesty, compassion and generous personality.”

Professor Geoff Cloke joined the University in 1983 as a New Blood Lecturer. He was promoted to Reader in 1991, a Chair in 1995 and was Head of Chemistry for seven years. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2007 and today continues to play an active role in research and teaching in Chemistry at the University of Sussex.

By: Jessica Gowers
Last updated: Thursday, 19 July 2018