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Six Impact Award winners announced at Sussex Impact Day

Dr Linda Morrice, winner of a Sussex Impact Award, with Prof Michael Davies, Pro-VC of Research.

Six researchers working on subjects as diverse as climate change policy and linear compressor technology for cooling systems received awards at Sussex Impact Day on 19 June.

There were four 2018 Impact Award winners:

  • Dr Linda Morrice’s research on language as key to successful refugee resettlement has been adopted as advice by Brighton and Hove Council and will affect changes to the UK government's Indicators of Integration, the official measure used to inform national policy.
  • Dr Kun Liang has developed linear compressor technology for a next generation cooling system using oil-free highly-efficient linear compressor technology. The Sussex-developed technologies have a potential market impact of £20 billion in 10 years' time with mass production.
  • Dr David Ockwell and colleagues Dr Rob Byrne and Anne-Marie Verbeken are helping to reframe climate technology policy. The Green Climate Fund (a financial instrument of global climate policy) has adopted a new policy, based on Sussex research, which will transform the way in which climate technology transfer to developing countries is funded, significantly increasing long-term benefits to poor countries and their citizens.
  • Dr Suraj Lakhani’s research with colleagues at the University of Sussex and Dublin City University is informing political and commercial approaches to disrupting online extremism. The Home Office has said the research has had an impact on their work and the team has been invited to disseminate findings to international security agencies and social media organisations.

The Impact Award winners needed to demonstrate impact beyond the University of Sussex from the 2013 – 2018, the reach and significance of the impact and to demonstrate the link between the impact and the research done at Sussex, with convincing evidence.

The Impact case study 2018 awards recognised the most advanced Research Excellence Framework case studies submitted to the Sussex impact assessment panels. There were two award winners:

  • Professor Gordon Harold directly influenced the UK government's overhaul of support services provided to families, which aims to improve child and adolescent mental health outcomes
  • Dr Natalia Beloff and the University of Sussex’s Informatics team are helping to increase clinical trial participation by using a big data search algorithm, which has been applied to the world’s largest Primacy Care Electronic health record database.

Congratulations to all the award winners.

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By: Suzanne Fisher-Murray
Last updated: Monday, 23 July 2018