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Opportunity for creative tech entrepreneurs to solve problems in places hit by globalisation

Dagenham Sunday market. While most of London has adapted, Dagenham is struggling to adjust to changes caused by automation and globalisation.

Zinc, a company builder, is looking for 50 creative entrepreneurs to help places hit by globalisation. Attend an event on campus to find out more.

Entrepreneurs chosen for Zinc’s second mission, which has the London School of Economics as a founding partner, would begin a 9-month, full-time programme, building their businesses from scratch. Successful individuals would create new commercial tech businesses to alleviate social problems in places left-behind by the economic changes of the last few decades. 

Zinc’s first programme focused on improving women’s and girls’ mental and emotional health. The successful entrepreneurs, called ‘Founders’, aged between 23 and 57, formed 17 companies which focused on this challenge, covering a range of sectors including transport, health, outdoor experiences and perinatal support.

The University of Sussex is working alongside Zinc and building on this approach to innovation as part of a project led by the London School of Economics and Political Science, which includes the University of Manchester, University of Oxford and University of Sheffield. ASPECT (‘A social sciences platform for entrepreneurship, commercialisation and transformation’), which aims to promote entrepreneurship based on social-science research, has recently been awarded five million pounds by Research England.

Attend a briefing session at the University of Sussex on 18 June to find out more about the Zinc’s second mission.

By: Suzanne Fisher-Murray
Last updated: Thursday, 17 May 2018