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Can scientists predict the future? How will quantum computing change our lives?

Professor Winfried Hensinger

Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies and Head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at Sussex, has co-authored a popular science book which has been published today. “What's Next?: Even Scientists Can’t Predict the Future – or Can They?”- a fascinating, fun and informative look at what's in store for the human race includes predictions from 18 scientists.

Professor Hensinger has written a chapter on quantum computing and how this cutting-edge research will influence our future lives. In February, he unveiled the first practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer, the most powerful computer on Earth set to revolutionise industry, science and commerce. Once built, the computer’s capabilities mean it would have the potential to answer many questions in science; create new, lifesaving medicines; solve the most mind-boggling scientific problems; unravel the yet unknown mysteries of the furthest reaches of deepest space; and solve some problems that an ordinary computer would take billions of years to compute. The computer’s possibilities for solving, explaining or developing could be endless. Professor Hensinger and his team are currently constructing a prototype quantum computer at Sussex.

The paperback book is widely available both in the UK and US:

By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Thursday, 19 October 2017